Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Media Loves Apple And Its Army Of Fans

From: Report: Media Loves Apple And Its Army Of Fans

Also, water is wet, sky is blue, cocaine is one hell of a drug.

The main reason that the media won’t STFU about Apple is because it drives traffic. Post something good about Apple? Lots of traffic. Post something really bad about Apple? Even more traffic.

The problem with Apple right now is that it is being covered as a mainstream company, and it isn’t. Apple is a niche company, which is more painfully apparent whenever something goes wrong and they fumble it, then the media coverage goes on as if this is a mainstream company, people feel hurt when Apple refuses to acknowledge wrong, etc. Because Apple is doing so well, everyone seems to forget that Apple is still not “mainstream” and doesn’t even have the kind of product line that you would expect from a mainstream company.

Imagine a company that makes jeans for skinny girls that is just too popular for its own good, it sells a gazillion more jeans than it should, and people won’t STFU about their jeans. But they are still selling only jeans for skinny girls, they are not selling for average shaped girls or overweight girls. Just because they are selling so much doesn’t make them a mainstream company, they would only be truly mainstream if they sold jeans that all girls of whatever shape and size could wear.

Same with Apple. Apple sells a microscopic line of desktop and mobile computers, two phone models, four media players and one table computer. They also sell a couple keyboards, mice and servers. That’s it. Compare that to how many different laptops Dell or Sony offer for sale at one given time. Or how many different camera models either Sony, Nikon or Canon sell. Hell, how about how many different cell phone models are being sold right now by either Nokia or Motorola?

The article is so bad that it immediately takes a shot at how Microsoft and Google are languishing, which makes no sense whatsoever. Both Microsoft and Google are still making boatloads of cash, and neither of them are being subject to the media barrage that is aimed at Apple every time they do something that falls short of perfect.