About Me

I am a deranged mechanical engineer, now fallen from grace and stuck in web applications development hell after trying my luck at warmongering and the excesses of the first dot-com frenzy. I am (hopefully) on my way to the path of open source enlightment, specifically with the LAMP platform. After a few years experimenting with the LAMP platform, I am once again a card carrying Microsoft dot whore.
Oh, and I am a novelist!
What do I really do?
I am a web-based, data driven applications developer in MS ASP Classic, ASP.net 1.1/2.0/3.5/4, and to a lesser degree, Cold Fusion (yuck!).
I work for a tiny company somewhere in the DC metro area that specializes in custom web-based, data-driven applications, most of them Microsoft-centric. The not-so-little-bit of Cold Fusion that we do is mostly maintenance of existing systems or buying up time until the customer allows a conversion to .net.