Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is ShopSavvy in Our Future? |

From: Is ShopSavvy in Our Future? |


ShopSavvy for BlackBerry

One of the little things that annoyed me about the Crackberry was that scanning barcodes sucked. It sucked hard. I say “sucked” because I eventually discovered that the Blackberry Messenger application has a live video barcode scanner that reads QR code barcodes nearly instantaneously. This means that the problem is software, not the device or the operating system. From this article I can tell that the ShopSavvy port to Blackberry will have a live video barcode scan. What I don’t understand is why other scanning apps can’t take advantage of the live video scanning from BBM. Is this because there is no API? How come something that is so basic is not being exploited? I would love to be able to scan things as I see them at stores to look up more information on them.