Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Firefox 4 beta 5 is out, hardware acceleration enabled by default

And it still isn't fast enough. I made a little experiment by checking the IE 9 platform preview, the Firefox 4 beta 5 and the Google Chrome 7.0.503 dev with a Microsoft benchmark that was designed to show off IE9's new (back then) hardware acceleration features: Psychedelic Browsing. My results were, well, not what I expected:
I mean, I knew that IE 9 would score fine, but I can't believe that Chrome did so badly. And yes, the GPU process for Chrome is clearly running. Can we even bitch about the benchmark not being fair?

Update: I have tried this on the Chromium nightly build 58924 and it scored 10, and also saw some claims online that not all of the GPU acceleration for Chromium is up and running yet.

Update #2: I have also tried this on the Minefield nightly build, beta 6, and it scored 680, with IE 9 scoring 829 and Chrome dev a really shitty 10. I would love to know why the IE 9 score varies so wildly.