Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Historic' broadcast of super HD from UK to Japan

From: BBC News - 'Historic' broadcast of super HD from UK to Japan


A gig by The Charlatans has been sent to Japan in a first-of-its-kind broadcast of Super Hi-Vision TV.

The technology, 16 times sharper than HDTV, has been developed by Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

The standard could be used on giant public viewing screens, some of which may be in place for the 2012 Olympics.

NHK hope to broadcast in Super Hi-Vision by 2020, although no television currently exists that can fully show off the 7680-by-4320 pixel signal.

The "full HD" currently available means a display of 1920 by 1080 pixels - one-fourth the number of pixels both vertically and horizontally.

I had such a hard time doing the basic math to compare this transmission to a normal 1080 signal that I had to make myself a visual aid:

super hi vision small

Notice that when you watch 720P on a 1080p TV, it is displayed at the same size as the 1080p signal, my comparison is showing the raw pixel counts. Basically, make a 4 x 4 grid of 1080p TVs and you got yourself the same resolution that was broadcast for this test. What I find fascinating is that the data stream is 24 GB/s, which is pretty damn impressive (to me at least) for a broadcast from the UK to Japan.

Here’s another chart, courtesy of Wikipedia, with most common resolution sizes in use, notice even the highest available resolution is still much smaller than Super Hi-Vision:


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