Thursday, September 2, 2010

GameStop Pulls Medal of Honor from Stores on Military Bases - IndustryGamers

Pure and unadulterated bullshit! If GameStop really cares about not offending our service members, they should drop the game totally. Dropping it only from GameStop locations within bases is just hypocrisy.

Who the hell do these people think they are fooling? If they want to do it right, they should either sell the product everywhere, or drop it from their catalog. This attitude to me is more disturbing than the ruckus about the game itself.
Nobody complained when so many of us burned so many hundreds of hours playing Call of Duty: World at War in multiple player games as either Japanese v. US, Germans v. US or Germans v. Soviets. Why is this so different?

What you need to do is make it interesting. Let the US side have all of the gadgetry, firepower and technology that we have, and let the evildoer side have shitty, beat up weapons, IEDs that may blow up in their faces as they try to set them into position, etc.