Friday, August 20, 2010

Will Amazon put ads in Your eBooks?

Kindle storeImage by pvera via FlickrCheaper or free Kindle books? While the publisher and Amazon make more money? Sign me up!
Seriously. What is my loss here? If my next novel purchase for the Kindle costs me less, and the novel itself is intact, I'll skip through the ads. The publisher makes more money, which means they will keep putting out books for the Kindle. Amazon makes more money, which means the Kindle platform stays alive to fight another day.
We all win.
Of course, you can bitch and moan about ad barrages, but the other 99% of us out there couldn't give a shit. We like to read, and we know a bargain when we see one. 
Just make sure the ads are inserted dynamically and not stored with the books. Oh, and figure out how the hell you are going to make it work when we turn off the wireless in the Kindle (yea, I bet you didn't think of this one). It probably means when the book is delivered it will arrive with a set of default ads, to be rotated at a later date when wireless is detected as active. 
People need to stop the moral outrage over advertising, things cost money. Advertisers allow you to have things at a lower cost, if you don't like it maybe it is time to ditch that Kindle or iPad and go back to reading dead trees.