Friday, August 20, 2010

ISO: Portable digital video player

iPod TouchImage via WikipediaI am trying to find something with a 7" or so screen for PJ. It has to play digital video, plain DVD won't cut it. It has to be sturdy and hopefully it should cost less than an iPod Touch, wireless connectivity is optional. The iPod Touch is the perfect device, but PJ is not the perfect candidate for it, it needs to be bigger so it is easier to find when he misplaces it, and it has to be sturdy enough to survive accidental drops. Level of complexity of the UI is a non-issue, PJ has been navigating his Xbox 36 through 2 generations of the dashboard, plus OSX and iOS1-4.

A 7" iPad would certainly fit the profile, even if it would cost more than an iPod touch since it would definitely be bigger, and PJ has been using iPhones since they came out, so to him it would be nothing more than a huge iPhone. 

Anyone has obvious choices that I haven't figured out yet?