Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waiting for unhealthily delicious sammiches

This is one of them days when I REALLY HATE MY CELL PHONE CAMERA. The camera in the Blackberry Curve is about as shitty as the cameras that shipped in the first two generations of the iPhone. It is simply terrible for anything that goes beyond scanning barcodes. What's sad is that when I got my new camera I made sure that I got a microSD card for it, so I could eject it from the camera, unplug it out of the miniSD adapter, plug it into the phone and blog from the road in all the glory that the Sony DSC-TX7 can provide. Instead, out of laziness (I had the camera with me, I never leave home without it) I tried to shoot with the cell phone, with the expected crappy results.

To add yet more insult to injury, I had done bulk imports into blogger and I triggered their captcha failsafe. If you post too often, it starts giving you captchas to make sure that you are a real person and not a spam bot. The problem is this won't work if you are trying to blog through email, only if you are at a web browser or through Picasa. This means that I had to solve a god damn captcha for every damn single photo I shot this afternoon. Ugh. It really would had been less trouble to shoot this with the camera and wait another 10 minutes until I got home to post the photos.

The only good thing were the sammiches, they were delicious even if I can't have them more than twice per month.
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