Monday, August 23, 2010

Netflix Lust for `True Blood' Is Unrequited as HBO Blocks Path - Bloomberg

In-game adsImage by pvera via FlickrThis is idiocy.

HBO would rather spend a fortune building their own streaming mechanism, and hold their audience hostage, than to spend less money licensing the same content to a much broader audience. All of this happens while it is almost impossible to go a full hour after a new HBO program airs without it being posted to bit torrents.

Yes, as a norm any HBO series gets posted online within the hour of its first airing. But of course, HBO would rather be the only ones offering the streaming.

Even worse, HBO already has been feeding their shows to Fancast, but only if the subscriber already has HBO. If they can put such a deal in place, why not do the same? Charge us whatever per month, and let us have the content through Netflix too. We all understand content costs money, but for what HBO charges per month having the content available as streamed media is a great value. What we are seeing here is an annoying lack of consistency.

Otherwise HBO is charging us a lot of money for stale movies, and no more than 3 hours of original content on Sunday evenings. Whatever else is offered throughout the week simply doesn't add up, the reason most of us pay for HBO is the Sunday evenings series.