Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spammer recruiter won't take no for an answer

This miscreant keeps spamming me, even if I tell him to leave me alone since I have been at this job for over four years and I am not even in the market (seriously, I even deleted all of my resume accounts, I don't know where he got mine!) . I couldn't take it anymore, so I made a Tiny URL link that points to Lemon Party and sent it to him as my "resume."  

What I hate about him is his outright hypocrisy, take a look at this:

He adds that signature block to every email, and it is a lie! Not only is the disclaimer bullshit, but he refuses to remove you from his list! Do you honestly expect people to reply to job postings from this kind of miscreant? How the hell is he still gainfully employed?