Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Google unveils One Pass system for online content

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Image via CrunchBase

BBC News - Google unveils One Pass system for online content

Here’s an interesting way to piss off Apple:

1. Apple announces they are charging X% for some service. Say, 30% commission if you want to sell through an iOS app.

2. Announce an arrangement that lets app creators to charge for content for less than what Apple charges. Say, 10%.

3. Watch Apple get pissed off.

The way Apple sees this, Google is simply messing with them. The way Google sees it, whenever Apple does something and people bitch about the price, that’s an instant opportunity to pick up customers without spending a lot in marketing (the marketing is paid by Apple charging too much for the service). It is a bit more devious than not doing market research on where to place geek retail, and simply picking areas where Apple has opened an Apple Store, which was Microsoft’s original plan for THEIR stores.