Monday, February 7, 2011

Adventures in Avoidance of Major Sports Events that will get you sued for even mentioning them by their proper names

You're my friend, right bottle of fabric softener? Why yes, I WILL have a sip of your delicious poison. Thank you for asking.
The funniest part about this comic is that I was the one that basically spent Sunday avoiding The Game. Alex Esoterica thought that was hilarious, so instead of sending me game updates every 30 seconds he sent me a running commentary of everything NOT involving The Game itself.

My geek forcefield consisted of:

  • Top Gear UK (incredible as usual)
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (loved it)
  • The Girl That Played With Fire
  • Troubleshooting why Netflix kept choking while streaming The Girl That Played With Fire
  • Testing to see if turning Aero on or off made a difference with the Netflix performance issue
  • Testing to see if there was a difference in the Netflix performance across browsers and with Windows Media Center
  • Tweaking Dropbox and iDrive so certain backups wouldn't spike CPU usage at weird times (like for example, when trying to watch a fucking movie on Netflix).
  • Some minor grinding in Oblivion, which is sort of my methadone to try to shake off the Fallout: New Vegas addiction.
And it worked! By the time I was done, the game was over and even the BBC was complaining about the National Anthem rendition and the half-time show.