Monday, November 1, 2010

Where’s the common sense?


I am watching this really good (as in “Brilliant yet Cancelled”) show called Persons Unknown. Probably knowing that the show got canned is making me take a more critical look on the show, or maybe it is just annoying me.

One of the things that bugs me is that the writers seem to be really good, but they keep falling short on the simple things, like for example things that would fall under common sense.

For example: two people are in an apartment, two more people are pointing guns at them. One of the gunmen screws up (perfectly acceptable, they are after all criminals, and obviously not smart enough to “manage” crime instead of dealing with it hands on) and one of the victims manages to overpower one of the gunmen. The second victim uses this distraction to overpower the second one and right at the same time, a Deus Ex Machina: a third party walks in, with a gun, and ends the confrontation.

What annoyed me is that when victim #1 whacked gunman #1 and almost split his skull, she didn’t take an extra second to grab his gun, hopefully to use it on the second gunman, but also useful in case gunman #1 was not completely out of commission. Or at least take the damn bullets!