Monday, November 1, 2010

Has Christopher Nolan Turned the 3D Argument?

Fire hazard

Image by pvera via Flickr

From: Slashdot Entertainment Story | Has Christopher Nolan Turned the 3D Argument?

This is actually a big deal because 3D was seen as the technology that would light a fire under people’s asses and force them into prematurely upgrading all of those HDTVs and Blu Ray players that were purchased during the analog TV phase-out. The problem here is that the powers-that-be had a great sales tool (the digital switchover) but that now is officially over. So how the hell do they get people to buy more TVs if almost everyone has a new TV?

Easy, convince them of the next must have technology. In this case, 3D.

The problem is that 3D is nowhere close to a must have technology. Most of the people really couldn’t give a shit about it, at well not enough to tempt them into ditching their brand new TVs.

Some movie studios went a bit batshit over the whole 3D deal because they thought they could keep driving people to the theaters, and to buy more TVs and Blu Ray discs, and that costs money. So when the next Batman was announced, the release was structured like this:

1. Hi, the next Batman is going to be named so and so.

2. The next Batman will NOT be 3D.

I thought it was funny that they went out of their way to state that they were not going to be part of this mess, but it makes sense. 3D is still a novelty, and Nolan wanted nothing to do with it.