Monday, January 17, 2011

I’m totally fine, but goodbye for now

I’m totally fine, but goodbye for now: "

No doubt you’ve seen the news. For obvious reasons I won’t be blogging here anymore, though I will leave the archives up. I hope you’ll pray to whatever God you believe in, and heap endless scorn and abuse on the first goddamn hack that dares to try snooping around to find out what’s wrong. I mean it. No staking out the hospital, no asking around among my friends. No calling doctors and asking them to speculate on what might be going on. Anyone who does that is lower than dog shit stuck to a shoe, and I hope that when you see stories like that — because you will — you use their comment strings to express your outrage for being the kind of scumbags who would put their own hunger for unique visitors and pageviews ahead of a man’s right to privacy.

Katie says she will be keeping a list. So, consider yourselves warned.

For now, peace out. Much love. Namaste."

This is how Fake Steve announced that Real Steve is taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons as of today. What is brilliant about this is he gets some mileage out of it, without directly exploiting whatever is wrong with Steve Jobs. Too bad a lot of people are simply going to go ahead and do the exact opposite.

We wish Steve a speedy recovery so he can go back to creating annoyingly expensive products that give us an excuse to complain about Apple.