Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RFC: A new shopping-inspired, color-coded holiday: Brown Wednesday

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We already have:

Black Friday: Day after Thanksgiving, the start of the Christmas shopping season. This now spills into the weekend.

Pre-Black Friday: AKA, “Thanksgiving.” Yeah, people are freaking out over sales before they have finished cooking the stupid turkey.

Cyber Monday: As crazy as Black Friday, but for online sales. This year this is turning into “Cyber Week.”


Now for the new:

Brown Wednesday is the first big shipping wave from the online purchases since Thanksgiving. If you bought stuff on Black Friday, odds are you didn’t ask for Saturday shipping, so the earliest you could get them without paying an eye and a leg in shipping would be today. Expect lots of people (including myself) whining about FEDEX/UPS/USPS anxiety today.