Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goodbye iPhonepod 3G, Hello Zune HD 64

My long deactivated iPhone 3G is on its last legs, so I decided to bail out while I had a chance. I have been using Apple iPods since the original 5GB but my iPhone experience sort of got me out of the faithful customer mindset.

I decided to go for the Zune HD 64. It is slightly smaller and lighter than the iPhone 3G, it has wireless sync, FM HD radio and on top of that it was way cheaper, about $70 or so at the time I paid for it. On top of that Amazon was all too happy to hand me a $15 coupon for MP3s.

The screen is OLED and gorgeous, the picture doesn’t do it any justice:



The casing is much thinner and feels very solid. It makes the iPhone 3G look bloated and cheap (I always hated the plastic backs of the 3G, to me the first generation iPhone will always look nicer):


Yup, one more unique dock connector to worry about, and the earphone jack is in the bottom, which makes no damn sense.




The sharp lines of the casing are very elegant, the device looks like something Sony would design.






I am not ready to write a proper review but so far it has been very interesting. It almost feels as if somebody REALLY liked, because when playing music you get this strong vibe that the designers were paying a lot of attention at the way works. I tried some games, which I liked, and surfing the net which was, well, surfing the net. The HD radio worked, which kind of surprised me since my condo is a damn faraday cage. Video play is extremely smooth.

The only thing that has been a pain in the ass is getting used to the zune software so I can re-tag and rate over a decade worth of music. And it took the zune software over 15 hours to build a dj/shuffle/whatever the hell index, luckily I started it three days ago so the sync for the first 16GB took about two hours (the machine wasn’t idle, my fault).