Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whistleblower site Cryptome hacked, defaced, all files deleted


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From: Whistleblower site Cryptome hacked, defaced, all files deleted - Computerworld Blogs

You would think Computerworld would know the difference between a hack and a crack, but wtf.

Here’s the part I don’t understand: why one of the two most popular “leak” websites in the world is a sitting duck? Isn’t this the best candidate in the world for some kind of distributed authoring/hosting system? Or at least turn it into a hybrid tracker-less bit torrent indexing mechanism, so whenever you go to the site and click on a link you will actually pull the file as a bit torrent download. It would take very little seeding to get all of these files spread all over the damn world, which would make it excruciatingly hard to get rid of a file once it has been unleashed on the world. If the content mechanism itself is distributed, it is insurance against stupid attacks like this.

The annoying part is the social engineering aspect. All of this seems to have started with a phone call complaining of having to reset a password. How is this still possible?

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