Monday, October 11, 2010

GM Criticized Over Chevy Volt's Hybrid Similarities

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From: Slashdot Technology Story | GM Criticized Over Chevy Volt's Hybrid Similarities

Today’s outrage comes courtesy of somebody getting pissed that GM promised us a real extended range hybrid, when all we got is an American-made Prius.

I don’t know who should be more worried: Toyota, because one of their competitors managed to convince the US Government to basically pay for developing the Volt, or us the taxpayers, for paying one company to build a competing product against another company.

Read that again: we, the taxpayer, paid General Motors, to build a car to compete with Toyota. Then we will be overcharged for a car that we subsidized. We can either keep buying the Toyota Prius, which makes us ungrateful bastards for supporting foreign industry, or we can buy Chevy Volts, which makes us morons for paying too much money for a car simply because General Motors can do whatever the hell it wants.

Or, and here comes the crazy part, we can simply say fuck hybrids and simply drive more efficient cars until hybrids actually prove a better return on investment than currently. Right now out of ALL of the hybrid car choices available to us, there’s a grand total of ONE hybrid car that will cost less than its gas-powered equivalent over 5 years or so.

The problem is that this car is a Mercedes that costs more than $100,000.

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