Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Watson has been troubled by Tiger Woods’s act for a long time now. The cursing. The banging of clubs. The detached disdain. Watson cannot stand that stuff. He thinks it’s disrespectful to the game’s history. He considers it dismissive of the great players who came before. More than anything: Tom Watson believes it is impolite.

Tom Watson is speaking out against Tiger Woods’s antics - Tours & News -

I don’t think this Tom Watson plays the same kind of Golf that the rest of us (and yes, I am bundling together us hacks and them pros) play.

Real Golf is rated “R.” The only reason you don’t curse in front of the camera? Sponsors. But anyone that has ever played the game knows that there is nothing in the whole world that will make the most holy man to blow up a string of obscenities like a bad shot or a missed putt.

And banging the clubs? Is he kidding? Why the hell do you think clubs are so sturdy? Because they need to be strong to shoot that little ball very far? Of course not! They are sturdy because THEY GET ABUSED. THEY ARE CALLED CLUBS FOR A REASON!

Baseball players throw their bats every time they hit a ball, nobody complains as long as the batter doesn’t AIM the bat at somebody (or makes somebody trip) when he throws it.

What Tom Watson really means by “impolite” is “not white.” Yes, I am calling him a racist. It is OK for a white golf player in funny clothes to throw his club around and take the Lord’s name in vain when missing an approach, but it is a problem when the rich (because he worked for it, not because he inherited it) mixed-race guy in the cool non-traditional outfit curses because the shot he practiced 100 times the previous day missed its intended target by four lousy feet.

You know who else was bothered by Tiger’s act? Fuzzy Zoeller, Jr. See how that worked out for him.

By the way, the only reason this asshole is complaining about Tiger? Because the tour is hurting for attention and they are lining up to BEG to him to come back.