Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 26: Something old.

30 day photo challenge, day 26: Something old. This is a 10x micro photograph of my Leatherman tool, which I have owned for over 17 years. Except for the tip of the blade snapping off (I didn't break it, Ivette did), the tool and the case look almost exactly the same as the day I bought them in a PX in Germany when I was still wearing Army Green. Pretty much everyone that worked in electronics in the Army carried one of these, and now that I remember, I bought mine after getting yelled at for not having one at hand. A little bit after that incident some dumbass (not at our unit) decided that those tools were a good idea, so he went and bought and issued us ... Gerber pocket tools. Those were nowhere as good as the Leatherman products, so we signed for our Gerber tools, put them away and kept using the Leatherman we already owned.