Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 17: On the Shelf

Our bookshelves are now bare, and we are about to remove them. 16+ years of an avid book reader married to another avid book reader meant a full wall covered with books, over 90% of them fiction hardcovers and paperbacks with zero collectible/sentimental value. That's hundreds of pounds of paper books that have to be dusted off and kept clean, and they eat up a lot of space.

We embraced the Kindle platform as soon as the first device launched, which means no more hoarding books. I read mine with whatever is convenient at the moment, be it the Kindle, the PC or cloud readers, or the Android reader. She prefers her Kindle. We both re-read, so it is nice to not have to scramble to find a specific book whenever we feel like re-reading a specific series.

Even if we have had to re-buy a lot of books, it is nice knowing that (assuming Amazon doesn't die) this is the last time we have to pay for a specific book. This is a real problem, over the years I have bought certain series (like Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series and W.E.B. Griffin's Brotherhood of War) at least three times. Books get wet, lost, etc.

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