Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweatpants that read juicy across the back and shirts that read sexy and Jesus is Dead are distractions, some of this city’s school officials say, and would be removed from the academic atmosphere if a school uniform policy were implemented.

Uniform differences

I went to public school all my life, with one exception: summer at a catholic school because I was trying to graduate early from high school. Each and every damn year I spent in the public school system in Puerto Rico I had to wear a uniform:

  • Kindergarten - Red shirt, blue pants (I didn’t, I was skipped to first grade, but my brother did).

  • Elementary - Light blue shirt, navy blue pants, black shoes.

  • Junior High School - Khaki shirt and pants, black shoes.

  • High School - Light blue shirt, black pants. During my senior year we went on a faux strike demanding to be allowed to wear jeans. After a half a day of noise the principal allowed it, but only for the seniors.

Funny thing, the summer I spent at the catholic school I was not required to wear the uniform.

I have no idea what is going on in Puerto Rico right now, but the uniforms have been around for decades, it is a very quick way to spot truancy, or older kids sneaking into the school for whatever reason.