Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Pee Helps Us Understand Social Media

How Pee Helps Us Understand Social Media

The biggest problem I am having with this whole social media freakout is companies freaking out about it. People, on the other hand, are doing exactly what was expected with these new technologies.

The problem with the companies is that they are too willing to shell out money to snake oil peddlers calling themselves social media experts, who are then tasked with shaping their "social media strategy."

99% of the time this means adding a Facebook group, a Twitter account, buttons to follow twitter and friend on Facebook on the corporate site, and telling everyone in the company to sign up for a LinkedIn account.

When you go to their website, there's a link that says that they are on Facebook. When you visit their Facebook page, it is empty except for links back to the site, and a bunch of useless drivel, wall posts, like messages, etc.

When you go to their Twitter, all you see is a bunch of regurgitated content from elsewhere, nothing original. Only 1 in 100 companies I have run into on Twitter use it for real micro-blogging. This is really sad because Twitter is extremely handy for things like outage reports or emergency releases.