Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat (via THISisCaSpEr)

The cheapest iPad is $500 plus sales tax. Assuming that the iPad that they destroyed was functional (for all we know it was a display unit) it means that their idea of fun is to spend $500 on something, then smash it. It could be worse, they could have spent the $500 in heroin or cocaine and went off on a bender. 

On the other hand, they could have sent the $500 to a child sponsorship charity, from 5 minutes of Googling I found plenty that will sponsor a kid for around $22/month, so these $500 could have easily kept 20-something children fed, clothed and in school for a month. Then they could have made a web page called “Here, Apple, not buying your $500 iPad means we got to feed, clothe and teach 20 kids for a month.”

Instead, they smashed the hell out of it with a bat.