Tuesday, January 19, 2010


“The Difference Between Life and Death

Colonel Dr. Itzik Kryce, hospital commander of the field hospital in Haiti speaks to his teams: “You are the difference between life and death in this region”, he tells them. “We are doing an important thing here.”

So proud, we are here in Israel - little Israel has reached across the world. There are no rescue teams, no medical teams from Saudi Arabia, from Egypt, from Lebanon or Jordan. Syria and Turkey and so the oil-rich Arab Gulf States…little Israel - the first to establish an operating room and begin treating the wounded, little Israel - whose teams have pulled many to safety and others who are systematically helping with the dead.

So proud, we are of you - our Israeli sons and daughters in Haiti.”

— Via A Soldier’s Mother

Their achievement is worth of praise, these guys packed up a field hospital into two 747 jets, flew to Haiti and setup shop in less than two days. And almost nobody heard about it because everyone was obsessed with Yele and with Chavez and The French politicizing the American involvement in the relief effort.